Mission Statement

Houses of Unity Inc. provides housing for the vulnerable homeless and underprivileged population, while restoring dignity and purpose. Houses of Unity Inc. puts emphasis on safe stable housing and quality of a human being.  Resources and opportunities are provided to ensure positive outcomes.  The on-support provides hope, self-determination, life skills, and guidance for a successful productive and meaningful life.

Our Vision

HOU establishes yearly goals to measure successive outcomes.  Each resident prepares individual goals with Case Managers to promote positive and successful lives.  In 2021 HOU is preparing to provide additional housing to serve residents, which will include LGBTQ residents.  As we move forward with monitoring the homeless community this housing will be inclusive.  Development with in house, such as maintaining healthcare, budgeting, and work with Bright Ideas Training Institute, who will also work with employees to educate and certified appropriately.

Our History

HOU was originally established to house the mentally challenged population in 2016.  At the end of 2016 Milton E. Davis became a limited partner of HOU.  Due to Davis’s passion to end homelessness in the community, a need was established with the HIV population which initiated a relationship between HOU and the HIV community.  The need for safe stable housing with the HIV population resulted in partnerships with the Living Room, Inc., Emory Health Systems, Grady Hospital, Moving Mountains, and Southern Regional Hospital. With these relationships, HOU was able to house residents with a multitude of disabilities such as Hospice Care, physical disabled, including recent amputees, visual impaired, and paroles. In 2019 when the Living Room was dissolved, HOU continued to serve the original Living Room clients that were not eligible for HOPWA Tenant-Based Rental Assistance.   In an effort to displaced these residents, Mr. Davis became the sole owner of HOU and established HOU as a non-profit agency.  The staff of HOU was increased to provide Case Management which connects residents to health care, payee services, and other vital services.

Next Steps…

We need your help to make all of this a success. Join us and make an impact!